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Gillette Reveals Most Comprehensive Innovation Bundle Ever, Underscoring Commitment to Delight Consumers Across the Portfolio

Bundle of grooming solutions comes to market in 2018 with products for both men and women including refillable razors, disposable razors and beyond


Wednesday, November 29, 2017 8:30 am EST



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"For over a century, our goal has been to deliver the best, most reliable grooming experience possible for consumers"

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gillette today unveiled a new approach to delivering the grooming solutions men and women want. Beginning in January, Gillette will launch its most comprehensive innovation bundle ever, with eight outstanding grooming solutions to delight consumers across a wide range of price points.

New products include the first ever cooling technology for disposable razors, the first Venus facial hair removal device and new Gillette3 and Gillette5 refillable razors for under ten dollars*. The lineup simultaneously brings innovation up, down and across the Gillette portfolio, marking a very different approach for the brand, which has mainly innovated at the top of the portfolio. Whether razor or device, male or female, high end or low end, each new product has one thing in common – a focus on delivering a better experience for consumers.

The new offerings were developed by Gillette scientists who studied consumers’ habits and practices, listened to consumer feedback and tapped into market trends to identify and address unmet grooming needs across the category. The new solutions zero in on several high interest areas such as: the 40 million U.S. men who prefer disposable razors, the growing number of men who want high quality, refillable razors below ten dollars, and the nearly 50% of women who remove facial hair.

“For over a century, our goal has been to deliver the best, most reliable grooming experience possible for consumers,” said Charlie Pierce, Group President, Global Grooming, P&G. “With this launch, we are demonstrating that this commitment is true for every single product tier in our portfolio – and we are making Gillette’s technology even more accessible to men and women everywhere. We want consumers to know that whatever their need, we have a product that will deliver a superior experience and unbeatable value.”

The introduction is a striking example of Gillette’s newest business strategy in action – which places greater emphasis on its full portfolio of offerings for consumers. This new approach is an important part of a broader business plan that also includes a range of proven strategies like driving innovation, building brand awareness and trial, and delivering great in-store experiences.

An Even More Compelling Range of Razors for Men

With this launch, Gillette is introducing several solutions for men including new disposable and refillable razor technologies at lower-than-ever prices resulting in an unbeatable option for men who want great razor performance and value. These offerings include:

  • New Gillette Sensor3 Cool, disposable razors with Cooling Technology: Gillette is taking the disposable razor experience to new heights (and sensations) with the introduction of the industry’s first Cooling Technology for disposable razors. Designed for the 10 million men who prefer the disposable razor form and are looking for a cooling and refreshing benefit, this proprietary cooling technology – currently only found on Gillette Fusion5™ ProShield™ Chill razors – will now be available in Gillette’s disposable line-up for a refreshing and unique shave for disposable users. (SRP: $4.99 - $6.99)
  • New Gillette3 and Gillette5 razors: To meet the needs of the growing number of men who want high quality refillable razors for a lower price, Gillette will introduce two brand new razors: Gillette3 and Gillette5. For under $10, these new razors provide the trusted quality of Gillette at an unbeatable value for men. These razors deliver an ultra-close and comfortable shave and a new soft Aqua Grip™ handle that provides strong grip and total control, even when wet. Gillette5 also features Atomic Carbon and Telomer coatings that enhance blade durability shave after shave. Priced* at just $7.99-$9.99, these three- and five-bladed razors allow guys to enjoy Gillette’s unparalleled blade quality at keenly competitive prices.
  • Improved Gillette Fusion5™ and Gillette MACH3® cartridges: To enhance the shaving experience for loyal users, Gillette is bringing its top-of the-line blade technology to several existing products for more comfort than ever before. Gillette Fusion5™ and Gillette MACH3® blade cartridges have both been upgraded with Low Cutting Force blades† – finer, thinner blades with an advanced low-resistance coating enabling the blades to cut effortlessly through hair with less tug and pull. For Fusion5, this results in a superior shave versus all competitive 5-blade razors on the market– with better overall shave and key performance wins in areas like closeness and less irritation. (SRP: $9.99 for MACH3 and $14.99 for Fusion 4-pack of cartridges)

Smart Solutions to Meet Women’s Hair Removal Needs from Head-to-Toe

Responding to women’s hair removal needs across a wide range of body parts, Venus will introduce several new products. This includes a premium, refillable razor and two new devices designed to give women more hair removal options than ever before.

  • New Venus Face Perfection: Many women say they feel less confident when they have facial hair – and almost half of women remove facial hair. Venus is making facial hair removal even more convenient for women with its first facial hair root removal device. Perfect for areas like the upper lip, eye brow, chin and forehead, Venus Face Perfection delivers longer lasting facial hair removal at home with flawless precision – catching hair up to 4x shorter than waxing. (SRP: $34.99)
  • New Venus Bikini Precision: For the two out of three women who remove bikini hair, Venus is providing a convenient, new solution for the bikini area. Venus Bikini Precision enables women to confidently trim, shape and line the bikini and comes in an attractive, slim and pen-like design for easy storage and control. (SRP $19.99)
  • New Venus Platinum: Responding to the 40% of women who want a more durable razor handle, this refillable razor brings a new sense of luxury and durability to female razors with our first metal razor handle for women. A heavy and well-balanced handle in the Venus Extra Smooth family, Venus Platinum delivers a smooth and comfortable shave with a beautiful metal handle that will delight women with every shave. (SRP: $8.99 for a razor and cartridge)

An Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

Gillette’s latest innovation bundle builds on a rich history of innovation that traces back over a century. Innovation has been at the heart of the brand since its founder, King C. Gillette changed the way men shave forever and promised to make the shaving experience better for consumers. Through the years, Gillette has delivered on this promise time and again by investing heavily in understanding consumers - and using this understanding to deliver products that truly meet their needs.

Today, Gillette is more focused than ever on developing breakthrough innovation to take the grooming experience to new heights. Recent examples include Gillette Treo, the world’s first razor for assisted shaving, which is in pilot testing in the U.S. and U.K., and Gillette RzrMkr, a customizable razor experience that has popped up in several markets around the world.

Gillette’s commitment to innovation has been an important part of the brand’s lasting legacy. Today, over 800 million consumers trust their grooming needs to Gillette in over 170 countries, making Gillette the #1 shaving brand in the world.

*Retail price is at the sole discretion of the retailer.
First 4 blades on Fusion5 and first 2 blades on MACH3

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