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Gillette Launches New Fusion® ProShield™ with Lubrication Before and After the Blades to Shield against Irritation

Guys take a surprising number of re-strokes during their shave causing irritation and, in the ongoing pursuit of the ultimate comfort and closeness, Gillette has changed its blade cartridges so guys don’t have to change the way they shave


Tuesday, November 17, 2015 9:00 am EST



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"With the latest razor technology, excessive re-stroking isn’t necessary for a close shave, but old habits are hard to break"

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--According to recent studies, most guys take about 170 strokes every time they shave, and 120 of them are re-strokes over the same area of the face after the initial strokes have wiped away most of the protective shave gel. Despite all of the advances in blade technology, many guys still experience some irritation, largely due to these re-strokes. Instead of expecting guys to change how they shave, Gillette® [NYSE:PG] has made its best cartridge even better with a product scheduled to reach North American store shelves in late December with more global availability in January. The new Gillette Fusion® ProShield™ with lubrication before and after the blades shields against irritation during every shave – no matter how many shave strokes he takes.

Guys have many grooming habits that they use to look their best. But guys are often in auto-pilot mode when doing these things and other typical activities throughout the day. Some auto-pilot behaviors for guys may include puffing up their chest when feeling provoked, stroking their facial hair when thinking, sucking in their gut when seeing an attractive person and taking a surprising number of strokes every time they shave.

When it comes to shaving on auto-pilot, guys often re-stroke over the same area without knowing it, wiping away the shave gel and continuing the shave without the needed protection. However, shaving over the same spot without lubrication can cause skin irritation, redness and bumps that keep guys from looking and feeling their best. That’s why Gillette developed Fusion ProShield, engineered to proactively shield against irritation, with a new ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, while still delivering incredible closeness.

“With the latest razor technology, excessive re-stroking isn’t necessary for a close shave, but old habits are hard to break,” said Stew Taub, Director of Shave Care R&D at Gillette. “At Gillette, we constantly look for solutions to help improve the shave for guys, and that is why we are introducing the new Fusion ProShield, with lubrication before and after the blades, to help shield from irritation during the shave. We have changed our blade cartridges so guys don’t need to change the way they shave.”

The full product highlights surrounding the new Gillette ProShield include:

New Product Features:

  • New ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation

With all of the Great Features of Gillette’s Most Advanced ProGlide Blade Cartridges:

  • Our thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull1
  • Gillette’s most advanced blade coating
  • Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
  • MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
  • Precision Trimmer for accurate edging

On our FlexBall Technology Handle:

  • FlexBall handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact2

Two Varieties Available:

  • Standard (Yellow)
  • Chill™ with Cooling Technology (Blue)

And, ProShield blade cartridges fit on all Fusion and ProGlide handles.

Gillette rebuilt shaving in 2014 with the introduction of the Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology, and has now changed the face of cartridge technology with the Fusion ProShield. More than 25 million men have made the switch to FlexBall, and together with Fusion ProShield, the shave experience has gotten even better with Gillette’s most advanced razor.

Limited edition pre-orders of the Gillette Fusion ProShield will be available for purchase at and at food, drug and mass merchandise stores throughout the United States starting on December 21, 2015.

Gillette Fusion ProShield razors will be available for mass purchase through Gillette Shave Club and other retail stores starting in late January 2016 for a suggested retail price of $9.49 for the Standard and Chill varieties. Four pack replacement cartridges will also be available in Standard and Chill for a suggested retail price of $22.49. Retail price is at the sole discretion of the retailer but the suggested retail prices are the same as our current best ProGlide cartridges.

For additional information on Gillette Fusion ProShield, as well as information on Gillette’s full lineup, please visit

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1 first 4 blades vs. Gillette Fusion
2 among Gillette Fusion razors


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Gillette Launches New Fusion® ProShield™ With Lubrication Before And After The Blades
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Gillette Launches New Fusion® ProShield™ With Lubrication Before And After The Blades
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