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  • 7/1/09 8:08 am EDT

    The World's Leading Male Grooming Brand Strengthens Bond With Guys - Gives Them The Confidence To Be Their Best

    Gillette(R) [PG] is debuting a new global brand campaign, the first in five years from the world's leading male grooming authority. Building on the brand's recent introduction of men's hair styling and personal care products, the new campaign is part of Gillette's strategy to expand the brand beyond shaving and strengthen its emotional bond among men. A modernization of Gillette's "The Best A Man Can Get" equity, the new campaignmore...
  • 3/27/08 8:08 am EDT

    Contest Challenges Men to Demonstrate Their Most Phenomenal Skills

    Gillette Champion and legendary golfer Tiger Woods has teamed up with Gillette Fusion(R) Phenom(TM) to kick- off a nationwide search to find the guy who can perform the most phenomenal "ball sport" feat. The Gillette Fusion "Search for the Next Phenom" competition challenges guys to reveal their unique and incredible skills, whether it's bouncing a tennis ball up and down on a racquet or performing phenomenal feats with a soccer, golf or othermore...